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BIMBO KILLER is a producer/DJ from Salento, he enjoys combining Techno with ambiguous and "strange" sounds, always aiming to convey a melancholic undertone.


Hard Trance, Hard Dance, Hard Melodic, Hard Techno

Federico Gravilli, also known as BIMBO KILLER, is an artist from Lecce, born in 2003. He developed a passion for electronic music at the age of 15. As a producer and DJ from Salento, he enjoys blending Techno with ambiguous and "strange" sounds, aiming to always convey a melancholic atmosphere. His "emo" productions are profound and impactful. In his sets, he loves to experiment with different genres, contrasting intense moments with reflective, melancholic, and melodic ones. The future looks promising and is in his hands.

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Bimbo Killer - MRC Agency